the Easter egg tree

One thing my Mom always has and probably always will do is decorate for seemingly every major holiday.  Hearts galore for Valentine’s, spooky stuff for Halloween, and Christmas was a winter wonderland in every room.  The blue Christmas lights I had in my room were totally sweet.  I loved how she (and I) would decorate, because there was always a change to look forward to.  My mom also used to keep the house decorations in rotation; like rearranging the furniture 2-3 times each year.

I’m sort of in that mode right now – I need to update, refresh, and clean!  Our house is definitely more “cottage” than “spacious”, so doing this requires some creativity and motivation.  Rearranging the living room really isn’t feasible due to the fact that the television can’t really go anywhere but where it is now and the couch wouldn’t fit elsewhere either.  However, I’m redoing the office (which I have talked about) and I’m really enjoying taking my time to carefully pick out the things that will make the room cozy yet structured.  Like me.

In my hunt for the office remodel project, I’ve been pinning a lot and scouring a lot of different design blogs.  I am blow away by the beautiful rooms and home furnishings that I’m finding.  Tonight as I was browsing, I found this Easter egg tree:

It reminded me of my mom and how we used to decorate an “Easter” tree in our front yard when we lived on Hwy FF.  I used to get my picture taken in front of it every year, probably until I most likely became too lazy and cool for that in junior high through high school.  Regardless, the tree above looks pretty awesome, and I am definitely going to create one next year.

Just another thing that makes me my mom’s daughter as Mother’s Day approaches.