In honor of my Mom…

There’s approximately one month until Mother’s Day, and I’ve decided to dedicate several posts until then to the awesome things my Mom has instilled in me.

For example, I remember living in our house on Highway FF and we were constantly hanging our laundry out to dry on the clothesline in the backyard.  At the time, I really thought it was such a pain.  But now, as I have my own clothesline set up in the backyard, I am truly relishing that my freshly laundered sheets are smelling glorious.  And I mean GLORIOUS.  It’s a smell that I can’t quite describe, other than smelling so fresh and so clean and dare I say it – natural.  

It’s amazing the things that I do now that my Mom taught me (or made me do begrudgingly); the things that I am realizing I do exactly like her.  Isn’t that the catch 22?  We all hope to be something different as we’re strugging to get through our teenage years, and yet we turn out to be the epitome of the simple principles that our mothers have taught us.  I’m realizing it more every day. 

From now until Mother’s Day 2011, I’ll be sharing some of the things  that characterize my Mom that are now an important part of my life.  Line-dried sheets included.

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