some new friends…

I bought some new shoes the other day, and felt like sharing:

a pair from Italy, apparently. i got them for a steal.

some Tahari leather and patent pumps for work. i consider these my 2011 ode to Audrey.

While I’m sharing, I figure I may as well share the newest thing I am obsessed with.  I give my pal Jillian full credit of passing this gem on to me…a little gem called  By clicking this link, you’ll find my personal Pinterest site, which is a combination of things I want to fill my home, my potential office remodel style board, future hairstyles, and boards of clothes and shoes that I want to fill my closet.  This is just my starting point.  It could get crazy.

For the Pinterest homepage, click HERE, where you’ll find items that others are “pinning” which is an entire world of interestingness.  If you want me to invite you to become a member, let me know in some fashion because it’s an invite-based community site and I would love to see what my friends are loving these days.

This has completely replaced Facebook for me, which has become a weird place where people post unnecessary musings about their personal lives that shouldn’t be shared on social media and one-off photos of things that most people probably don’t care about (not aimed at anyone in particular, but dang guys – keep some stuff to yourselves or use the “message” feature).  I remember when it used to be about the things you liked and talking to one another, but it’s a different beast with its umpteen facelifts, obnoxious apps, and the stigma of “social media” at its worst (at least in my humble opinion).  I feel like it will always connect people, but the manner in which it has evolved is not something I’m enjoying lately.  Despite how addicted I am to the internet.

On that note, I think I’m going to use my blog and Flickr more for sharing my thoughts and photos and take a break from being an active Facebooker.  I feel like I’ve already taken a step back aside from commenting to friends I actually speak to in real life.  You can also find me on my Pinterest site, which I am really loving.  The ability to make a “wishlist” of things I adore, or a place to just keep tabs on ideas for designing my home and my life is something I have been searching for.  Thank you Jills, for introducing this new happiness to me.  I hope the site stays just the way it is for a while.