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As my pal Jenny and I were playing Scrabble during the red carpet portion of this year’s Oscars, we agreed that there are so many Best Picture Oscar Winner films which we had never seen.  I went on to beat Jenny in that game of Scrabble.  It’s probably pretty irrelevant to what I am trying to say.  I just wanted to brag.

Once the Oscars began and our dinner guests had gone home, I began thinking about how many classic and timeless films I have not taken the time to see.  I realized that I am missing out on a very easy history lesson.  And that will just not do.  I’m ashamed that I have never seen the full 238 minutes of “Gone With The Wind”.

At work we’ve been investing a lot of time and effort into being “accountable”, and it’s something I have taken to adapting in my personal  life as well.  This is revelvant because I don’t think I can truly be accountable without making a list and actually making an effort to rectify this cultural faux paux.

Here is the list of 10 Best Picture Oscar Winner films that I would like to see before next year’s Oscars:

1977 –Annie Hall

1975 – One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

1974 – The Godfather Part II”

1972 – The Godfather”

1965 – The Sound of Music”
1964 – “My Fair Lady”

1953 – “From Here to Eternity”

1944 – “Going My Way”

1943 – Casablanca”

1939 – Gone with the Wind”

I will also state for the record that I will see the following movies sometime this year:


“Black Swan”
“King’s Speech”
“The Fighter”
“The Social Network”


If I have any takers on a movie buddy, I’m taking applications.



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